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The primary objective of the Keystone Karma Premier organization is to assist our players in developing the fundamental skills each one needs in order to compete and succeed at the high school level as well as the collegiate level. The focus is to improve every facet of every player's game and then match each player to a position where they can best display their strengths. These goals are achieved in the following ways:

  • We provide our players with the knowledge required to improve flexibility, mobility, speed, and agility so that we can best reduce the risk of sports related injuries

  • We provide an appropriate level of organized competition for each player

  • We instruct on proper shooting, dribbling, passing and running fundamentals and offer practice drills that integrate these individual skills

  • We provide each player with significant basketball knowledge and assist them in developing a clear situational understanding of their role within the team on both offense and defense.  

In addition to the opportunities we provide our players to learn the game of basketball, our staff and coaches focus on the development of the young person as a valuable team player.  

  • Our players are taught time management to ensure they are able to balance school, work, sports and relationships

  • Our coaches insist on developing respectful, coachable players who practice good sportsmanship and inspire teammates with their attitudes and work ethic

Through our clinics, leagues and AAU programs, we aim to ensure our youth can develop self-confidence, strong work ethic, life-long friendships and a love of all things basketball.  We aim to develop young men and women who, having formed strong values and learned important life lessons through basketball, have matured athletically and intellectually, to become good basketball players but, more importantly, incredible young adults who have a positive impact on society.

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